This model of trailer, The Bushel, has the largest kitchen available. It covers more than enough storage!  With one of the design team being “under tall”, it was important to have the kitchen counter work area as close to the rear edge as possible, so everything was within easy reach. 

The lower cabinets have space for the cooler of your choice, water jug/collapsible sink storage, a shallow, very long drawer for utensil storage, a full-length pull-out drawer that has a stainless steel top for the cook stove, plus a huge amount of storage beneath that!  The upper cabinets in The Bushel include a spacious counter top drawer and three cabinets (two with one shelf each and one full cabinet for jugs, water bottles, etc.). 

The countertop is make of durable and lightweight Avonite (TM) composite material, available in a few colour options. 

The beautiful custom carved cabinet fronts are an option–why not splurge?

We have a few power options to choose from, making this little kitchen super convenient! Not all meals happen when the sun is out, so we have made sure to provide, standard, a well lit space to cooking space for late-night meals under the stars.