Yes, our teardrops really only have enough sleeping space for two adults, but with the addition of one of our high-quality Treeline Outdoors (TM) rooftop tents, you’ve successfully gone from camping for two to camping for up to 6 without the need for a large pick-up truck to pull an expanded unit! These tents stay on your roof rack and are super quick to set up–in less than 10 minutes, they’re ready to climb into. They’re strong and ready to handle the weather: rain, snow or wind is no match for the durability of these beautiful tents. They fit on our in-house made roof racks with room (smaller tents) for a bike or paddle board next to it! As you can see in the photo, the tent also provides a handy cover for entering or exiting the teardrop–nice to have an additional covered area for weather protection, or to hang laundry or other equipment from. As one large family we know said, “Wow–with two tents and a trailer (one on the trailer and the other on their van), we could literally travel across the country with our 7 children and not break the bank!”.