In the words of the great Bob Dylan, “the times, they are a’changin'”. As of today, May 1, 2020, there are still many questions surrounding camping in National and Provincial campgrounds here in Alberta. While the “back country” hasn’t been closed, there are restrictions and recommendations in place that make taking a larger camper out. Time to switch things up.

We at Sojourn Teardrops believe camping is an essential service/activity. While the definition of camping remains “the activity of spending a vacation/weekend living in a tent or camper”, many of us have our own ideas of what camping is! Some of us can’t be without the more luxurious chattels of a large camper unit with family and friends, while others are more than happy in a small tent far from others; many fall somewhere in between. All are good!

Our newest trailer is made for the adventurers out there. It’s compact, rugged, lightweight, not even all that pretty. It’s made for off-roading behind tough 4 x 4’s or OHV’s, following tree lines and animal paths and getting away. With many options available, this trailer will suit many: the lone wolf, the hunter, the deep back-woods adventurer, the parking lot warrior, the back-of-the-quarter-section, get-away-from-any-and-all type of camper. It is designed to carry your rooftop tent on top and store anything you’ll need inside.

We’ve named it the Badger, after the North American Badger, found across North America into the southern part of Canada. They’re short and stocky and tough as nails–they get where they need to go.

We have fast-tracked all designing into this trailer. We hope to have 3D renderings shortly, along with a price, with the aim to have these in production before summer. Please return to our web page often for updates and information on the Badger Adventure Trailer.

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