We’ve been pushing pencils, ordering parts and getting things put together the past few weeks and we are so excited to be able to get you an update–with some rendered photos, too!

“The Badger” Overland Adventure Trailer has been undergoing a bit of an evolution of sorts. In our design and research, it became apparent that not everyone would want their trailer to be tough enough to pull through dense bush and over boulders–that they would be heading into out-of-the-way campgrounds and some crown land, but not too far… And this realization led us to develop TWO models of The Badger: Our Off-Road model and our Urban model.

They’re identical in size (roughly 6 feet long, 4 feet wide and 30 inches tall) and similar in weight (around 1000 lbs, +/- a few), and both have standard items like Timbren axleless axles and black powder coated aluminum tent/roof racks, but there are some notable differences!

With a projected Base Price of just $10 750.00 CAD + tax, our Urban Badger is a clean looking, light-weight trailer, able to be pulled by many vehicles and a few OHV’s. It’s a pared down version of the Off-Road Badger, but will easily get you off the beaten path, or in to your local campground quickly and with ease. With one of our Treeline Outdoors rooftop tents secured on our in-house built, black powder-coated aluminum tent/roof racks, you’ll be on your way in a very compact, but exceedingly handy package. The Urban Badger has a standard 2″ ball hitch, 1000lb marine jack with single wheel, clean-looking half round aluminum fenders and standard trailer tires on 15″ rims. It comes “empty”–but we have some slide out options (and a few other things we are working on…) so, go ahead and option up this entry-level adventure trailer with a front cooler slide out (located at the front, slides out on the passenger side) and/or the full rear slide–storage and a four foot long kitchen! No more gear in your tow vehicle, it’s all going to fit in the Urban Badger. Time to hitch up and go.

Or–how about upgrading the Urban Badger to the Off-Road Badger? It’s got more on it, so the Projected Base Price for this model is $12 500.00CAD + tax. It’ll be a bit heavier, but should still be in the 1000lb range. The Off-Road Badger is built for the more serious, deep-into-the-woods-far-away-from-it-all overlander type of person. This Badger has a heavy, articulating hitch, off road jack with 2 wheels (that we’ve seen videos of a trailer being towed out of deep mud with…), welded side steps/fender combo and 30″ all terrain truck tires. This beast will follow you deep, deep into the woods. The Off-Road Badger comes “empty” as well, and the slide out options available for the Urban are also available for the Off-Road. Add one of our four-season Treeline Outdoors rooftop tents with the removable fly and zip-out tent skylights and you’ve got yourself a beauty of a night sky viewing platform or hunting blind.

We have a few more option ideas for our Badger trailers, including (but not limited to), awning mounts, light poles, an upper rack that fits over the tent to transport items such as canoes, bikes or massive coolers full of your hunting harvest (easily removed to open your tent), a bush guard on the front to protect the tent cover, a water storage/pump package and hitch storage boxes. We would love input as to what options you might require!

We do not have a known launch date at this time (May 29, 2020), however, we encourage you to stay tuned to our website, Facebook or Instagram pages to keep up to date!

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