Had you been a camper prior to 2020, you have undoubtedly seen a tangible shift in the way campgrounds and even bush camping works–from closed washrooms (???), every other site booked, and no groups allowed right to having MORE campers crammed into the bush. If you never camped prior to 2020 and declared 2020 to be THE YEAR to start, you are actually a part of that tangible shift.

More people are leaving behind the notion of flying or driving hours from home to have a holiday and have taken up camping; in a national or provincial campground, a private campground or just out on a sliver of crownland. Whatever camping looks like to you, keep doing it! The connection to earth, water, clean air, and nature is just so good for us–not to forget looking at something other than the walls of our own home!

If you’ve been following our story at all over the past 10 months, you know that we here at Sojourn Teardrops have had to go with the flow as the world wide pandemic placed a few road blocks and hurtles in our path. Being a very small, family run business means that every change is pretty intense, so to say that 2020 was a wonderful time of change and growth would be less than true. It’s been hard, y’all! One of us can hardly deal with a different creamer for her coffee–don’t mess up the routine!

All that being said, we can look back over the past 10 months and say that we are quite satisfied with our trajectory and can see the positives. We’ve met some amazing local businesses that have a goal of promoting one another. We have found products that compliment our Badgers. We have found that we are resilient and resourceful.

Our Off-Road Badger and Urban Badger Overland Trailers are now in production. We currently, as of Feb 24, 2021, have one of each in stock and available for purchase. We can also take your order and customize your Badger to your needs with one of the many options we offer.

If you frequent our website, you’ll have noticed an additional tab to our Menu bar. We are happy to be a new Canadian dealer for Darche outdoor products. We would love for you to check out what we can currently supply, but if you see anything in their catalogue that interests you, please don’t hesitate to ask about availability–not everything they make is being imported, but we can always ask.

Give us a call or text at 403-358-2948 (Steve) or 403-357-6868 (Michelle) if you are interested in or have any questions for us!

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