Sound Package

$1200.00 plus tax

Package Includes:

1 DVD/Car Stereo/Radio, 4 speakers (2 in cabin, 2 in galley), 1 Radio Antenna, Wire, Switch and Install.  Please contact us to place your order.

Full Trailer Customization

We have spent the last 25 years in construction and woodworking of all kinds–from foundations to finish work, kitchens, fireplace surrounds, furniture, you name it, we’ve probably done it!  The concept of doing something custom, or completely thinking outside of the box, is NOT foreign or unwelcome at Sojourn Teardrops! The only constant has to be the frame and size of the trailer.  Do you need only a sleeping space but want the galley to be your Farmers Market “booth” for your pottery/jams/antique hairbrushes? Let’s get together and get that designed.  How about creating a mobile DJ trailer with a big ‘ol sound system?  Maybe you’re wanting to start a mobile bar-on-wheels business, or needing to transport several dogs at once?  Let’s do it!  If you’ve come across an idea on the internet and are just kind of wondering how that could happen, we want to hear from you.

Oh, hey!  We also have options available for portable power with Goal Zero gear.  You can opt out of the RV battery/batteries in your trailer and opt in to Goal Zero–a portable source of power that you take along camping, to the beach, the backyard BBQ and you can power things at home when power is lost.  Give us a call and we will happily let you know about these great Goal Zero products!

Teardrop Trailer Options

Something For Every Budget

  • Custom carved outdoor wildlife scene across three galley upper cabinet doors. Available in alder or cherry cabinets only.   $650.00
  • Electric Brakes.   $450.00
  • Mobile Electric Brake Controller.   $300.00
  • Steel is heavier than aluminum, and if you want to lose some weight (on your trailer!), upgrading your frame from steel to aluminum can be done. For a raw aluminum frame, it’s a $400.00 upgrade. To powder coat that aluminum frame is another $400.00.
  • Planning a long road trip?  Upgrade to Goodyear tires (both).   $200.00
  • Wheel Chocks (pair).   $30.00
  • Rear Stabilizers, Installed $225.00
  • Custom Built Aluminum Roof Rack. Consists of 3/8″ thick solid aluminum sides, 1/4″ thick solid aluminum braces and 1″x2″ aluminum tubing cross bars.  All professionally welded and powder coated black.   $550.00
  • Mirror in one interior cabinet door.   $25.00
  • Tired of the ice box?  Upgrade to a real electric fridge.  Dometic CFX50W cooler or freezer.   $1750.00

  • Thought you were ready to tow but aren’t? We’ve got 2 1/8″ chrome trailer balls.  $35.00
  • Protect your trailer with a hitch lock. $60.00
  • Always a good idea to have a spare tire!  Spare tire and mounting bracket, $225.00
  • Solar–The only way to go if you want to be off grid.  Check out this 180 watt portable solar panel.   $550.00

  • Are you in need of 110 power while being off the grid?  Well we have a couple of options here.  We can install a pure sine inverter to run off the 12 volt battery system.  We only use pure sine inverters to protect your electronic devices.  Unfortunately these come with a higher price tag.
  • 110 power OPTION A: 1000 watt pure sine inverter (c/w built-in transfer switch and charger), remote inverter control in galley, cut off switch, 2-110 GFI protected outlets and shore power sidewall outlet.   $1950.00
  • 110 power OPTION B: Upgrade the 12volt RV battery to a double 6 volt RV battery system, 2000 watt pure sine inverter (c/w built-in transfer switch and charger), remote inverter control in galley, cut off switch, 2-110 GFI protected outlets and shore power sidewall outlet.    $2400.00
  • Customize your fenders to stand out! Custom painted half round fenders with undercoat, $260.00
  • Need a lift to reach your gear on the roof rack?  We have step inserts available that fit right in to the frame, are very sturdy and take little room when put away after use.  Made of metal and powder-coated black.  1 step $55.00 
  • We have found that having a short step ladder is a must when setting up a rooftop tent or retrieving items from the trailer roof rack. Ladder similar to photo shown. $75.00
  • Sometimes it rains and gets cold while you’re camping and watching a movie snuggled in bed just fits the bill.  We offer an 19″ LED television with built-in DVD player, mounted on the centre upper cabinet in the cabin. Product similar to photo. $600.00
  • Science and your Momma tell you that sleep is important and a good mattress is a vital part of that.  We offer two of them, both full queen size: a 7″ thick, non-folding dense foam mattress and a 4″ folding dense foam mattress.  The folding mattress can be transformed into a couch! $500.00 each
  • The windows might be dark, but you’ll still want curtains to block early morning sunshine and the neighbours’ view! Two solid-colour blackout curtains for the windows (black, grey, brown, blue) $125.00
  • Our standard cabinet front material is Alder–it’s very light weight and beautiful.  We can, however, make those same cabinet fronts from Maple, Cherry or Walnut woods. Price By Quote.