Base Price Starting at $17 750.00 CAN

While we still have some details to figure out, this is what we have so far. Let’s start with the name. Peck. For those of you on the prairies, this might be a familiar measurement. Just a little smaller than a Bushel (our flagship model). Our goal for Peck was to shed some pounds, reduce the size a bit and simplify the build which also equals a lower price. To achieve that, we have trimmed six inches out of the center to reduce the cab height. Then we went with a standard axle (still Timbren) to create 4 inches more ground clearance. We now have approximately 15″ between the ground and the frame. As we play with these heights, please keep in mind the following: A) Adding height under the frame raises the kitchen counter height. B) Adding height to the Trailer also raises the roof rack. Our Roof Racks are designed to allow a your cargo (ie. Rooftop Tent) to remain on the rack and be able to fully open the Vent. C) Creating a ground to Rack height of more than 82″ will affect how an annex room attached to the Rooftop Tent functions.  

Should you require even more ground clearance, we can add another 4″ simply by choosing another Timbren Axle and then add even more with larger tires.  We work with our customers to determine over all priorities in order to create the best teardrop trailer for them.  

How is this model simpler? Well, we have removed the center section of drawers and the upper galley shelf. Where the drawers were in the cab, we will have open Cubbies. In the Galley, the electronics (switches and plugs) will now be in the center. The Counter and lowers will remain the same so you still have the option for the Dometic CFX-50 or a large Yeti should you choose.

We are also simplifying the electronics. Should you require battery power, we are looking at using either a Goal Zero or Inergy Solar generator. These portable power packs are built with a lithium battery pack, pure sine inverter (for 110 power) and on board solar controller for tying into solar panels. See for more information.