RTM Roof Top Tent Air Mattress–1400


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The RTM air-inflatable mattress is designed to replace the existing mattress of any 1400 or 1600 sized RTT. Its self-inflation/deflation feature allows for extra storage room for your sleeping gear without increasing the pack down volume of your tent. Its water-resistant outer shell ensures easy cleaning and its open cell high-density foam ensures optimum comfort and support for an undisturbed night’s sleep.

To avoid the mattress slipping around in the night, the base has non-stick pads as well as Velcro tabs that secure to existing pads inside your Darche tent. The included compression straps also allow for compact storage when not kept inside your RTT. Additionally, the two sections of the mattress can be stacked to allow for easy RTT pack-down. RTM can also be used on top of an existing mattress for ultimate comfort, but may limit the ability to leave a sleeping bag or other bedding inside your tent.

  • Two piece fully bonded foam-filled self-inflating mattress
  • 80mm / 3″ thick for extra comfort
  • Fast self-inflation/deflation valves for convenient setup
  • Deflate for extra storage of sleeping gear within the rooftop tent
  • Secures to the base of a RTT with velcro strips to prevent slipping
  • Two inflation points per half for effective inflation/deflation
  • Water resistant top shell to ensure easy cleaning and reduces foam moisture draw
  • Top: Hardwearing 75D peach finished polyester with PVC coating
  • Bottom: Non-slip PVC coating
  • Side: 0.45mm thick PVC
  • Inner: Open cell high-density 19kg/m3 foam for added comfort and warmth
  • Repair kit included
  • Compatible with Hi-View 1400 &1600, Panorama 1400 & 1600, and Intrepidor 1400 & 1600


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