Once you decide to purchase a Sojourn Teardrop Trailer the process is fairly straight forward.  Since we are more “custom” than other shops, we like to take the time to get you into a overland trailer that is most suited to your needs and desires and yes, budget.

The best first step is to phone us or meet us at our facility in the County of Lacombe.  We will walk you through the available options and work out a combination that works best for you.  We will discuss things like current colors and any options that we offer that you want to include in your trailer. Should you want a fully customized trailer, like a beer wagon for one example,  we would prefer to meet you in person, whether that’s where you are or where we are (within reasonable distance). 

After the decisions are made, we will come up with a firm price for your trailer.  You now have a few options: sign on the dotted line, re-assess your option choices or choose to wait. Should you require financing for your trailer, we will direct you to a trusted local bank, or you can use your own lending service.

We will now require a $5000.00 deposit for your trailer.  This secures your place in the build line.

Six weeks prior to the build start date, we will require a further amount of money that will equal half of the cost of your trailer (ie: trailer comes to $20 000.  Deposit 1 = $5000. Half of cost of trailer = $10 000.  You would now need to pay an additional $5000.) We understand that sometimes life just happens, and things change.  If, after you’ve given the 50% deposit on your trailer, you decide you no longer want to proceed, we will finish your trailer as ordered, hold your deposit, and try to sell it to another party.  Once it sells, we will return your deposit.

Once the trailer is complete, you will pay us the remaining half before you pick it up or have it delivered. Upon receiving final payment, we will send you the required legal documentation that you will need in order to get registration and insurance. 

Warranty coverage of one (1) year begins after final payment is received. 

The final step is you booking your campsite and enjoying the camping life!